Marnay Meyer

Marnay shares her story of an emergency C-Section, NICU, and her battle with ovarian cancer


"Little did I know as he was fighting for his life, I would be fighting for mine."  

Her Story

When I found out I was pregnant, I was so excited! My first two trimesters were pretty smooth, I constantly craved McDonald's breakfast biscuits and prenatal yoga helped me stay active. However, when I reached the 34 week mark, I started to feel incredible pain in my stomach. I went to the hospital and luckily the baby was fine, and the pain slowly decreased, so I was sent home. However, four days later the pain became unbearable and I was rushed to the hospital for an emergency C-section. My son was immediately sent to the NICU, since his lungs weren't fully developed yet. Little did I know as he was fighting for his life, I would be fighting for mine.

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer shortly after he was born. I never expected to be navigating a cancer diagnosis at the same time I became a new mom, but I knew I had to fight this for my son. He was so brave in the NICU, growing stronger each day and staying calm amidst all of the chaos. I channeled his strength and bravery and used it to stay strong during the constant doctor appointments and treatments. I lost my hair and gained some new scars, but I never gave up hope and am happy to report I have been cancer free for over two years!

My son and I are both doing great now. He is an energetic, happy, loving toddler and I am a grateful, exhausted, humbled mama. I still admire him for his strength and positivity and use that to fuel me each and every day.

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