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Motherhood is hard. We're here to help with knowledge and support to proudly care for yourself and your family

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With years of collective experience in perinatal care and wellness, we've partnered with leading experts to develop tailored solutions that nurture both you and your loved ones. At Nemah, every product is a blend of scientific innovation and compassionate care. Together, we celebrate the beauty of motherhood by embracing the physical and emotional journey it brings

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Dr. Kira Mayo

"With the Stretch Cream and Scar Treatment using a combination of emollients and humectants, we have ensured that these formulas not only moisturize, but also lock that moisture into the skin. In addition to each cream being fragrance-free, we've made sure our products perfect for expectant and new moms"

Laurel Johnson

"From my perspective, the most important thing women can do in pregnancy and postpartum is focus on building compassion for themselves. Self-compassion is built through turning down your inner critic, being aware of the expectations you are putting on yourself, and speaking to yourself with kindness and encouragement."

Dr. Bob Geng

“As an Allergist treating atopic skin conditions for both mothers and their children, I value Nemah’s development of novel effective products to moisturize and strengthen the skin barrier for my patients.”

Perinatal Mental Health Expert

Laurel Johnson

A Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Master's Degree in Social Work from University of Denver and a Bachelor's Degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Colorado State University. She is certified in perinatal mental health and specializes in providing support throughout the perinatal period. Laurel has worked with a diverse array of individuals and couples as they navigate issues including life transitions, pregnancy and postpartum, parenting, relationship struggles, communication issues, anxiety, and trauma. She also has extensive experience facilitating group workshops around healthy relationships, communication skills, and the transition to parenthood. Laurel has a passion for working with women to find their inner voices, feel more connected, and live more fully

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