Kourtney Kardashian Includes Nemah In Her Hospital Bag!

Preparing for a little one's arrival means packing a variety of bags, from diaper bags to bookbags. However, one of the most crucial bags you'll pack is for the hospital. Kourtney shared that while creating her list, she consulted her close mom friends to ensure she didn't forget any essentials. Collaborating with others to create a list and exchange ideas can make this task less daunting. Kourtney also applied this strategy when setting up her baby registry.

She organized three bags: one for herself, one for the baby, and one for additional items such as blankets, pillows, and cameras.

Kourt’s Hospital Bag:

She brought matching Skims pajamas for her and Travis, including button-up shirts for easy breastfeeding access.

Toiletry bag
This included our Revitalizing Stretch Mark Cream, Renewing Nipple and Lip Balm and Nourishing Belly Oil. 

Arnica montana
This was recommended by nutritionist Leona West, who Kourt worked with throughout her pregnancy. Leona recommends taking arnica montana right away after delivery as it can help speed up healing and ease discomfort.

Two nursing bras

Disposable black undies
“The hospital provides white mesh ones but I like black,” Kourt says. “Anything to feel your best after birth is worth it—without sacrificing comfort.”

Peri bottle
“The hospital also provides one of these,” Kourt says. “I looked hard for one that wasn’t plastic but couldn’t find one, so this one looked best and seemed functional.”

Cozy socks and compression socks

High-waisted postpartum underwear
“I’ve never tried them, but heard these are amazing after birth to help get your organs back into place,” Kourt says.



Outfit for Kourt to go home in

Custom Surya Spa Mama Baby Oil
Kourt says she’s “obsessed” with this. It’s made with special herbs, milks, and oils that are helpful for body recovery.

Milkmaid tea
She brought this to help milk production if needed, but if not, she says it’s still good to enjoy one cup a day.

Leona suggests taking colostrum for around three months after giving birth, as it can be very nourishing during the initial hormonal and physiological transition.

Collagen is good for recovery and hair.

Cold packs
These can help with healing after vaginal delivery.

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