When do you start showing a baby bump?

When do you start showing a baby bump?
Jan 3, 2022

When do you start showing your baby bump?

Written By: Lexi C

You've taken the pregnancy test. You've been to the doctor. Maybe you've even had an ultrasound and have seen the evidence. You are, in fact, pregnant. Now what? YOU know there's a bun in that oven, so...when will the rest of the world be able to tell? Whether you are hoping to keep things under wraps for a while or jonesing to show off that baby bump, one thing is for sure, mama, that bump is coming. When, exactly? Well, that's a different story. Here's the low down on when you can likely expect those pregnancy body changes, how to embrace them, and our tips on how to prepare.

HELLO...is it me you're looking for? 

You're standing in front of the mirror, checking your profile for any changes. Is that your "bump" or are you just bloated? Or constipated? Or totally imagining all of it because you are just. So. Tired?

I did exactly the same thing when I was pregnant. I'd pooch my stomach out and arch my back, trying to imagine the body changes that were about to go down over the next 9 months. Every reflective surface became an opportunity to check for progress. I'd scope the pregnant bellies of not only my friends but also total strangers in the grocery store. I'd scour social media to inspect the bumps of moms-to-be with my same gestational hashtag. "Does my belly look like hers?"  


Here's the thing...no two bodies OR pregnancies are the same. There are loads of factors, most of which are out of your control (I'm talking to you, tilted uterus), that determine when your pregnant belly will start to show and what it will look like when it does. While there is no "normal" size, shape, or way you (or your bump) are supposed to look, there are a few common pregnancy body changes. Here is a run-down on what you can expect with that growing, glowing belly and tips for preparing your beautiful bump.

By your second trimester (definitely toward the end), your bump will likely be filling out...hello, maternity wardrobe!

- Lexi C

First Trimester - Weeks 0 -13

If you are a first-time momma, you'll probably start seeing (and feeling!) that belly expand sometime between weeks 12 and 16. At 12 weeks, your baby is only about the size of a plum. Still, your uterus is expanding far beyond that to make room for that beautiful growing bebé, so things may be getting a little snug in the waistline department. Other body changes like morning sickness, constipation, and fatigue are also to be expected about now. So, guess what? Now is an excellent time to take care of YOU. Increase your water and fiber intake, make sure you've got a good pre-natal vitamin, and make sleep a priority.   Buy a luxe mask, take a babymoon, go on a walk. Whatever it is that makes you happy and helps you relax, DO IT.

Second Trimester - Weeks 14 - 27

By your second trimester (definitely toward the end), your bump will likely be filling out...hello, maternity wardrobe! This is also when you may start to encounter stretch marks. Some people wear them as a badge of honor; some people run for the hills at the thought of them. The bottom line on these little lines? They are yours, and they are reminders of the truly amazing things your body is capable of. Not so crazy about that kind of a reminder? We feel ya. Genetics play a major role in determining if you will have stretch marks, but so does the elasticity of your skin. So step up that moisturizing game, girl! Our go-to? Nemah's originally formulated Revitalizing Stretch Mark Treatment. This ultra-hydrating cream was designed specifically to combat the formation of stretch marks. How, you ask? Trademark ingredient Vanistryl® releases a compound engineered to improve tone and soothe skin while supercharged Shea Butter (packed with ant-oxidants and fatty acids) smooths and moisturizes. To lock it all in? Nutrient-rich nourishing Macadamia Oil. A high-performance, clean, and clinically proven combination suitable for even the most sensitive skin. So you're hardly reminded of those little "reminders" as your belly grows.  

Third Trimester - Weeks 28 - 40

You're in the home stretch, sister! By the 3rd trimester, you'll be sporting a full-blown baby belly. I'm not gonna lie. Things can get a little invasion-of-the-body-snatcher-ish about now. There will be times you will look at your stomach and think, there is no way this thing can get any bigger. And, somehow, miraculously, it does. There will be times you'll feel like you've been pregnant forever. Times that the memory of your former body and that of your due date both seem so distant that you just might be pregnant forever. You won't be. I promise. When those days get long, remember that this time is finite. Soon that baby will be in your arms, and one day, believe it or not, you may even find it hard to remember what it felt like to be SO pregnant. It's crazy, but it is true.

Take this time to connect with your body and your baby. Resist the urge to compare yourself, or the nursery or that beautiful belly (no matter its size or shape) to anyone or anything. Embrace the process, let your doctor monitor your progress, and put the rest of your worries into that sparling fresh diaper bin you registered for...its days are numbered too.

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