Is It Safe To Have Sex While Pregnant

Is It Safe To Have Sex While Pregnant
July 6, 2022

Is It Safe To Have Sex While Pregnant?

Written By: Lexi C

In the immortal words of Salt-N-Pepa, Let's talk about sex, baby.

Now that you are expecting, hopping back into the sack may be the farthest thing from your mind...unless it's to take a nap.   With a growing list of to-do's before baby comes (not to mention the growing list of pregnancy body changes), who has the energy to have sex? Is it even safe?

In a word, yes. In fact, it might be just what the doctor ordered, literally! Check out these positive points of pregnancy sex to make sure you feel confident getting back to getting busy.

Is it safe?

At any given moment, most of the (adult) human population is pursuing it, thinking about it, or having it. That's right; we're talking about SEX, baby! So, does all that sexy business come to a screeching halt now that you're pregnant? Absolutely not. That's right. Unless your doctor has advised you otherwise, having sex while pregnant is completely ok! Now, whether you feel like it or not is another story. Pregnancy body changes and fluctuating hormones may not seem like the perfect cocktail to get you in the mood, but you may be surprised! Libido shifts are common during pregnancy and may have you even feeling friskier than usual. Still not convinced? We got you. These are some of our favorite benefits of a gettin’ little lovin’ while you've got a bun in the oven.

It Feels Good

Different, maybe...but different can be good. In the case of sex during pregnancy, there is a lot of good going around, including increased circulation. Blood flow to your pubic area rises during pregnancy and elevates the area's sensitivity. Zing! This heightened sensitivity combined with the release of both progesterone and estrogen can amplify arousal and lead to some pretty spectacular orgasms.

It's Exercise

Having a little afternoon (or morning, or night) delight is waaay better than any pregnancy bootcamp I've ever done. Not only will you burn calories, but having sex strengthens your pelvic floor, aiding in easier labor and recovery after delivery. Plus, circulation increases during sex, which provides a natural energy boost, promotes a robust immune system, lowers blood pressure, and improves sleep! So go ahead and skip the gym (and your kegel exercises!)...after all, you probably won't have any trouble finding a workout partner. ;)

It's a Bond Booster

Pregnancy comes with all kinds of changes, and you aren't the only one feeling them. The arrival of your new addition marks a new chapter in your lives together, and your partner may be struggling to find where they fit into the picture. Maintaining a healthy sexual connection can strengthen the bonds of your relationship. Talk to your partner about your feelings if you aren't feeling super-sexy (and trust me...I know it can be a challenge in the 3rd trimester). Open lines of communication help ensure you both feel loved, appreciated, and understood. Navigating this time together will increase the intimacy of your relationship and provide a solid foundation when you welcome your new little one to the world.

"Before long, quiet moments between the two of you will be harder to come by, so take the opportunity now to enjoy each other in whatever way feels best."

Each trimester of your pregnancy will come with new surprises, from pregnancy body changes to fluctuations in hormones and libido. My suggestion? Follow your instincts. If you're feeling in the mood, go for it! Feeling more like propping your feet up or taking a nap, do that! Talk to your partner and doctor if you have concerns about having sex so you feel confident in your decision. Most importantly, remember that intimacy doesn't always have to include sex. Before long, quiet moments between the two of you will be harder to come by, so take the opportunity now to enjoy each other in whatever way feels best.

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