Will I Have a Scar From My C-Section?

Will I Have a Scar From My C-Section?
March 14th, 2022

Will I Have a Scar From My C-Section?  

Written By: Lexi Coerver

It may have been planned, or it may have come as a complete surprise that your newest family member was going to make their debut via a slit in your tummy. Either way, what you can expect after a C-section, is a scar. The amazing thing about this scar, though, is that compared to any other you may have, this is the one that shows the remarkable feat that your body accomplished. A reminder of the honor selflessness that comes with becoming a mother. The door to how your child came upon this Earth.

A badge of honor, yes. One that you want to blaze for all the world to see? Maybe not for you. Whatever the case, it is yours, and we are here for it —and for you. From how it looks to how to care for it and steps to take to minimize its appearance (if you're so inclined), here's the scoop on your C-section scar.


Will I Have a Scar From My C-Section?

Having a C-section may not have been in your birth plan. It's not in a lot of women's. I mean, pregnant gals aren't necessarily forming lines around the block to undergo major abdominal surgery - while conscious - and then raise a newborn baby while they recover. Be that as it may, one third of all births are cesarean. Now that you are here, you probably have lots of questions about what to expect after a C-section, specifically that scar.


What Your Scar May Look Like?

Typically the scar, just below your bikini line, is small, about 4-6 inches— that's smaller than your phone! It will be red or pink for a few months, then a reddish-purple eventually fading to a thin white line.  


But, just like every pregnancy and every birth is different, so is every incision and every scar. Your scar could be flat or raised depending on how your incision was closed and how your body heals. A thicker scar, like a keloid or hypertrophic, could result from your body kicking things into overdrive during the healing process and creating excess scar tissue.


How To Care For Your Scar While It Heals.

Keep your incision clean and dry, and make sure to let it air out whenever you can. Wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing will help prevent irritation and increase airflow to the area.


Remember, you just had a baby AND major abdominal surgery. And while no one can tell you exactly what to expect after a C-section, I can tell you this...you gotta give those killer abs and that lovely uterus a chance to heal. Hold off on strenuous exercise, deep bends, and lifting anything heavier than your baby until you have your doctor's OK.


That doesn't mean you should sit in bed all day! You need to keep your body moving. Try for short walks, once you feel up to it to increase blood flow, help you heal faster, and decrease the chance of blood clots.


If anything doesn't feel or look right, give your doctor a ring.  


Steps You Can Take To Minimize Scarring.


Take care of your body by being mindful of what you put in it. Having a healthy diet of whole foods will go a long way in making sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs to create healthy tissue. And watch your sugar intake. Reducing the amount of sugar your body has to process won't only help you feel better, it will help you heal better.


Topical creams can do wonders once you get the OK from your Doc that they are OK to use. Scar treatment creams help nourish your skin and reduce the appearance of scars. The Restorative Scar Treatment from Nemah is the absolute best. Trademark ingredients Antarcticine ® and Actisoothe® promote skin regeneration and ease redness, which is exactly what every scar-bearing mamma needs.  


And don't skimp on the sunscreen. Sunlight can darken your scar, so lather it on anytime you think your belly will be exposed.

"The amazing thing about this scar, though, is that compared to any other scar you may have, this is the one that shows the remarkable feat that your body accomplished."

And Let's not Forget The Emotional Side.

We live in an age where imperfections are filtered out through...well, filters. In this 4th trimester, that's filled with all the emotions that come with being a new parent. It can kinda feel like there is no filter. It's just this non-perfect version of yourself. You couldn't be more wrong, Mamma.  


You are the most perfect version of yourself. A perfect version of life. No matter what way that little baby arrived in your arms or what your scar looks like, it is no less poetic, no less real, and no less of a labor than any other. In fact, this is just the beginning.  


You are a mother. The strength it took — and will take, to put aside what you may have planned for the health and safety of your child, that is poetic. The awe with which you inspected those tiny fingers and toes and selflessly nurture them as they grow? That is real. The sleepless nights, the diapers you change, the scraped knees and broken hearts that you nurse? That is labor.  


So cheers to you, Mamma. And to your beautiful scar.


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