My Top 5 Lessons as a Founder

My Top 5 Lessons as a Founder

Authenticity is Key!
I know you’ve heard this a million times but it’s so critically important, especially now. Building a brand is not just about selling products; it's about sharing your story and providing a solution. Authenticity resonates with customers. They connect with the human side of your brand, so don't be afraid to show it and really lean into what makes you, you.

Adaptability is a Superpower!
Change is never easy and I promise you, I’ve felt this deeply these last two years. The business landscape is ever-changing. Adaptability and pivoting is crucial for longterm success. Whether it's shifts in customer behavior, market trends, technology, or new team structure, the ability to evolve keeps your brand relevant and resilient.

Community is Everything!
Your customers are more than just a transaction. PERIOD. Hear this, sit with this, and believe it. They are part of a community, a family, a TRUST. Building a sense of belonging around your brand fosters loyalty and advocacy. The strength of your community will be the driving force behind your brand's success.

The Details Matter in Customer Experience!
From the first click on your storefront to the moment the product arrives, every detail in the customer journey matters. A seamless and delightful customer experience, from website design to shipping, contributes significantly to customer satisfaction and repeat business. Ask your community about their experience and LISTEN. Their feedback matters the most.

Passion Fuels Persistence!
Building and growing a brand requires dedication and persistence. Believing in your products and your mission is the fuel that will keep you going, especially during challenging times. Channeling this as a founder will bleed into the team and entire infrastructure. It’s this driving force that will turn obstacles into opportunities. When you think you have nothing more to give, it’s the passion that will kick-in. And also let me remind you, the lows will come (they always do) but it is in those times that we really have to dig deep and remind ourselves of the why. 

I’ll leave you guys with this . . .

In any journey of growth, mistakes are inevitable – that's a given. What truly counts is how we respond, learn, and move forward from them. Celebrate the wins (like really, really celebrate them, big or small) and dig deeper when you fail and embrace the growth through your mistakes.

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