Kelsey Ozar

Kelsey Ozar


Kelsey Ozar

Kelsey shares her moving story about a mass found in her daughters brain during an ultrasound.  


"I didn't get to meet, touch, or see her until a day after she was born"

Her Story

We found a mass in my daughter’s brain at a random 39 1/2 week ultrasound and I had to have an emergency c-section within a few hours. I didn’t get to meet, touch or see her until a day after she was born, then she was taken to a different hospital from me. She had brain surgery at 3 days old and was diagnosed with brain cancer.

My world changed very quickly, I even made them discharge me before my body was ready in order to be with her. It was a very scary start to motherhood… surgeries, watching a tiny infant go through chemotherapy and the unimaginable.

But here we are, 2 1/2 years later and my tiny warrior won her battle. She beat all odds and statistics, and she has been tumor free for over two years now. Everly is a beautiful, happy, perfect little girl.

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