Alex Wood

Alex shares her journey going through PCOS, preparing to start IVF, and their miracle baby


"Before this it had been so hard to see all the pregnancy announcements being posted (although we were thrilled, it made us question our own journey)."

Her Story

Below is our story about infertility and attached is a photo of when I revealed to my husband we were pregnant

This photo means SO much, my sister took it for us! I told my husband Eric we were testing out a new camera for my sister and had to do a mock engagement shoot.. Eric’s first question when I revealed I was pregnant was.. “How!?” Someone please explain how babies are made to my husband.. JK!! The reason why he asked was it’s only by the grace of god we got pregnant during this time.

Before this it had been so hard to see all the pregnancy announcements being posted (although we were thrilled, it made us question our own journey). We had been only trying for a few months starting early 2018 but I was not getting my period regularly and so it was really hard to track ovulation. We did some tests with my OB and we found out that I had PCOS and we would need to see a fertility specialist or I would most likely not get pregnant on my own. It was a shock to say the least, I was terrified because I did not know anyone that had talked about this before. When your high test results shock your doctors who have been practicing medicine for decades, you start to panic a little. For reference AMH levels are typically <3 and <13 is about the highest of the normal level and mine were at 52.

Luckily, we had prepared financially before we even knew it would be an issue and were willing to do whatever it takes along with having a team of people praying for us and providing support/answers.. after starting treatments that Sept we went through 6 months of treatments, 2 hospitalizations due to reactions to medication, I lost my left ovary due to torsion, only a few shots (luckily!) and we ended up getting pregnant right before starting IVF!! My second hospital visit was March 3-5, 2019 and I ovulated, unknown at the time, at the end of that month getting pregnant! Not to mention we only had intercourse once during that time because I was still in a lot of pain. What a miracle.. I was shocked, my doctor was shocked and obviously so was my husband.

There were a few little complications along the pregnancy but now we have the most perfect little girl and a second one on the way due in January 2022, which is a separate crazy story! I still compare our journey to others that it seems to come so easy.. BUT it’s impossible to know what’s going on behind closed doors. Honestly, I know some women’s journeys are WAY harder and I’m so grateful that we got pregnant when we did. It was hard to be constantly asked “when are you going to have kids?”, it is an innocent question but people don’t realize how painful it can be when you're struggling and want something so bad! I don’t share sympathy, but because I felt like I was alone when getting bad news and I know so many others are struggling. I only pray I can give some hope!

Hearing the heartbeat and remembering seeing the healthy babe at each ultrasound still makes me cry. Just so grateful!

- Alex Wood

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