Hospital Bag Must Haves

Hospital Bag Must Haves
January 24, 2022

Hospital Bag Must Haves

Written By: Mary Lawless Lee

Packed And Ready!

PACKED AND READY. Our hospital bags have been sitting at the end of the bed for nearly 3 weeks now in hopes baby boy will get the hint that we are SOOOO ready to meet him! I get so excited and impatient at the end I can barely stand it. Each day feels like a week!!

We’re using the same bags when I went into labor with Navy – StorkSak ! Talk about a well constructed overnight baby bag…they have literally thought through everything you could possibly need as a mom. I’ve packed two — one for baby boy and one for mom and dad. The video takes you through everything you need to know, including a few items I won’t be packing this time around. I’ve included links for everything and you can see the full video LINKED HERE!

Oh, and for a few non-hospital bag related tips– prepare a playlist (one for labor, one for arrival), have your birth plan on hand in case you deliver with a different team or just for reference, snap lots of pics and vids (you’ll be a happy you did later on), don’t forget to bring the carseat, and most importantly DEEP BREATH….YOU’RE ABOUT TO MEET YOUR BABY!



Toiletries And Personal Care

Clothes For Me

  • A soft robe – so nice to have when it is chilly in the hospital plus they are breastfeeding friendly
  • Comfy clothes – bring your favorite baggy sweatpants and anything oversized to leave the hospital in. Loose, comfortable pieces are essential for after labor and make sure you choose dark colors – trust me. I’m bringing a cozy, oversized hoodie, a jumpsuit, and dark loungewear.
  • A few pairs of socks – I decided to pack no slip socks instead of bringing house shoes to save room in my bag.
  • Nursing tanks – I don’t need to pack any nursing bras because this acts as a tank and bra in one!
  • Maternity underwear – SO SEXY. These are a lifesaver and the hospital will have some as well.


Needs For Baby

  • Car seat – if you haven’t already, make sure to install your carseat before leaving for the hospital – easy to forget but so important to remember!
  • Going home outfit and clothes for baby – be prepared with multiple onesies for your hospital stay
  • Gown – this style makes diaper changes much easier
  • Bottles and formula even if you plan to nurse. I’m packing HIPP formula, just in case we need it. Quick tip: don’t pack the whole box of formula but instead save room in your bag by taking a photo of the packaging to reference measurements.
  • Breastfeeding pillow – makes figuring out breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding much more comfortable for both mom and baby
  • Pacifiers
  • Diapers – the hospital has diapers for you but I’m also bringing the Honest Co. ones we’ll use.
  • Swaddles
  • Hats, socks and booties   


  • Extra long cell phone charger – you won’t want to be getting up for your phone, so this cord keeps it charging within reach
  • Charged iPad – making sure ours is charged BEFORE getting to the hospital this time around 🙂
  • Portable bluetooth speaker – you’ll want to have something to playing music in the room as a mood booster and distraction during labor. Definitely helpful to have this charged before going to the hospital as well

Extension cord – any extension cord will do, but I love that this one has USB ports and multiple plugs


For Labor

  • Your birth plan – either print ahead of time or have available to share once at the hospital to reference
  • Essential oils – when I had an emergency c-section with Navy my doula handed Mad lavender essential oils so that’s what I was smelling during my surgery. Something I never would have thought to pack on my own but made SUCH a difference during my labor.
    • Side note: Mad created a really thoughtful laboring / after birth playlist and a first day of life playlist for once the baby is here. Such a special memory to have with Navy as a newborn, and I’m excited to have one for this labor and delivery too.

Other Necessities

  • Water bottles – sooo important to stay hydrated, which I already have a hard time doing. Bring a few so water is always available.
  • Snacks – My favorites to have on hand are: KIND bars, Milton’s crackers, gum + sugar free mints (because once you start laboring it is ice chips and gum until baby is here!)
  • Change for vending machines – added this to the packing list after NOT having it the first time around. Mad and I never carry cash but if you want a late night snack, coins are a must for hospital vending machines.
  • Your favorite book to read during the long hours of labor
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