Oct 28, 2021

Newborn Essentials

Written By: Mary Lee

Being a first time mom can feel DAUNTING and overwhelming, but experiencing it together with a close community of fellow mothers makes worlds of difference. No one else is going to care to sit around and talk breast pumps, best diaper genie, or the countless stroller options...not even your hubby as much as he tries! It's these relationships that will carry you through the early months of motherhood keep you sane.

Here is a helpful, comprehensive list of go-to newborn essentials for new parents below! Sharing is caring =)


  • Plenty of burp cloths - You can never have enough muslin burp cloths, so stock up!
  • Boppy pillow - amazing for feeding, even if you aren’t nursing. It’s a little awkward when they are SO LITTLE, but still really helpful. Plus, with bottle feeding, your partner will use it too!
  • Elvie Pump - Hands free and SILENT - a great alternative to machines with cords, especially if you’re a working mom and on the go!
  • Baby Brezza - For when you switch to formula, this is an amazing formula dispenser that will save your life - like a Keurig machine for formula. It’s a MUST.
  • Bottles - I would recommend having a couple of options on hand. Avent Glass are great, but every baby is different. At first all you need is the 4oz bottle with size 0 or size 1 for nipples.
  • UPANG sterilizer - the perfect size to sit on the counter! It uses UV light to sterilize not just bottles but breast pump gear, remote controllers, keys, phones…. literally EVERYTHING


  • Bath lotus - a great option to use for bath time in the sink! It’s soft, cushioned and so much better than a hard sink surface.
  • Nemah Baby Shampoo + Body Wash (coming soon!!) so clean and super gentle, which is important in the early newborn days.
    • I also use our Nemah Baby Body Lotion (also coming soon!!) for after bath time
  • Newborn towel - nothing better than bundling up a newborn after a bath!
  • Bathtime toys - don't overdo it, but a few toys are never a bad idea
"Being a first time mom can feel DAUNTING and overwhelming, but experiencing it together with a close community of fellow mothers makes worlds of difference."

Newborn Sleep

  • Muslin blankets - you'll use these SO much, and will never have too many
  • Swaddles - you’ll swaddle your baby for the first three months at least so try a few different types of swaddles to see what works best for you and baby, then stock up on a few of your favorites to have on hand.
  • Head support pillow - if nobody else tells you early on, this is a MUST so take it as your sign to get one :) When babies are in the newborn phase this helps prevent flathead.
  • DockATot - so great to have for sleep and naps!
  • Hatch + Sound Machine - A little pricey but so worth the investment. It can be battery powered and has an extra audio monitor if needed for travel.
  • Nanit Baby Monitor - SO convenient. Nanit connects to an app so you can see/hear in the nursery from your phone, all the time.
  • Lollipop - makes a great travel option for a baby monitor. It is super easy to connect and hooks onto a crib or literally anything!


  • Wipe Warmer - not a tool that seems necessary at first, but it really makes such a difference for diaper changes!
  • Diaper Pail - a must for alllll the diapers you’ll be going through with a newborn. This one has been recommended by a lott of other moms because it ACTUALLY contains the smell!
  • Triple Paste AF - while not technically for newborns this stuff is AMAZING! It clears up a rash so fast!! It’s not an everyday cream or for prevention but good for relief once your baby already has a rash.
  • Diapers
    • For the first month you'll be changing your newborn about 20 times a day so Pampers Swaddlers are best because they hold everything in.
    • Once your baby becomes more regular, invest in your favorite diaper brand and stick to it :)


  • Newborn Detergent- a soap gentle enough for newborn laundry. Use it to wash all baby clothes, swaddles and blankets and occasionally your clothes too, mama! Since you’ll be spending so much time holding/wearing the baby close to my chest, this is an added step to ensuring baby is in contact with gentle products.  
  • Baby Carrying
    • Cotton baby wraps are great for hands free carry
    • Post newborn stage, a front carrier that can hold up to 25-30 lbs is great because you can continue to use it as baby grows!
  • Nose Frida- so many moms swear they will never use this because it sounds really gross BUT you’ll do just about anything when you want to do what’s best for your baby. It’s great to get all the stuff out of baby's nose so they can breathe better and really easy to use, too!
  • Pacifiers - similar to bottles, you’ll want to have a few options
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